Chilling Story

Just saw a story that sent a chill down my spine.

It involved two teenage babysitters who put a crying child into a refrigerator as a joke and then posted live video of it on-line.  The part that chilled me most involved that you can apparently hear the child still crying while inside the fridge.

They then opened the fridge and said, “See, she’s OK.”

The good news: The little girl in question is safe now without any harm.  And that her mother doesn’t plan on allowing these two girls to babysit her daughter again.

Saddest part of all — the girl put into the fridge is the niece of one of the accused babysitters.  I can only imagine this will make for some awkward family dinners from here on out.

On the one hand, these girls are fortunate that the mother involved seems a bit more forgiving than I would be.  If someone did this to Shortcake, I’d be all for throwing the book at them and making sure they learned a lesson about consequences to decisions and actions, no matter how young or old you may be.

I can also see how you don’t want to let one terrible, stupid decision ruin the lives of these young girls.

We all do dumb things when we’re young. But it seems like people (of all ages) are going to greater extremes these days to draw attention to themselves.

UPDATE: So, it gets even more chilling.  Just saw another report where after the infant is put in the fridge, one of the accused is heard saying “Bye” on the video.  It makes me more furious and nauseous that these two girls thought this was an appropriate way to behave or thing to do.



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