A Change (Would Do You Good)

In the months leading up to Shortcake’s arrival, I used to see a promo for an upcoming show on TLC that looked at how families were integrating a new baby into their lives.  At one point during the ad, a parent-to-be proclaimed, “This baby isn’t going to change our lives.”

I haven’t seen that ad airing much lately.  But I often wonder if the parent-to-be was able to make that proclamation come true or not.

Because pretty much from the first time I saw Shortcake’s little heart beat flickering on the sonogram, my life was irrevocably changed.

Here are just a few of the ways my life has changed since Shortcake has arrived.

  • I used to justify the expense of our HBO subscription because I wanted to watch the peak TV shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones. Now I justify the extra expense of an HBO subscription because we can watch new episodes of Sesame Street and the revived Electric Company. 
  • I used to think that our Amazon Fire stick was a great way to stream shows on Netflix. I now realize that it’s a great way to stream YouTube videos for Shortcake.  Specifically, she loves the animated version of “Baby Shark” which we have watched together at least a zillion times.
  • I find that instead of songs I hear on the radio getting s tuck in my head, I’ve got “Baby Shark” and “Let’s Drive in the Car” stuck in my head. And I will hum or sing them aloud as I go through my day.
  • I used to enjoy the solitude of a nice jog. Now I find myself feeling lonely or sad if I can’t take Shortcake along in her jogging stroller.  And even if she’s not with me, I will still narrate the entire trip as if he’s there, getting odd looks from other runners who pass me.
  • I will do just about anything to make this little girl happy. Things I would NEVER do for any other person in the world. Shortcake loves food she can feed herself, especially Goldfish crackers (note to self: buy stock in Pepperidge Farms) and cold cereal.   Her eyes light up and she gives me a huge grin when she sees them headed for her high-chair tray.  And she’ll eat a few and then look at her bounty and them up at me. She then will pick up a goldfish or piece of cereal in her wet, sticky fingers and hold it up to me.  This is an indication she wants to share it with me.  I will then bend down and eat the offering out of her hand – even if it’s already slimy or she’s licked it for me.  Again, I would NEVER do this for any other person in the world.
  • Before Shortcake, when I bought a gallon of milk, I’d try to find the container with the longest expiration date. Now that she’s drinking milk,  I am not as concerned about this since odds are she will drink the entire gallon at least six days before the expiration date.  (Note to self:  Find out if I can invest in Big Dairy for my 401K fund).

Looking back on the last sixteen months, I marvel at the wonderful changes Shortcake has brought into my life.  Sure I don’t get as much sleep as I used to and I’m two seasons behind on Game of Thrones (but we’re caught up on Sesame Street!).  But I wouldn’t trade these changes for anything…



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